The Southern Colonies

I.  First ten years:  nothing
        A.  Early origins are with the church

II.  1616
        A.  King orders the Bishop of London to collect money for a college
        B.  Delivered to Governor Yardley in 1618
        C.  London sends 100 children, to be schooled, and 500 pounds for their

III.  Not a real university
        A.  To be more of a place for basic skills and trade knowledge
IV.  1622 Slaughter
        A.  Ends all educational plans for a college in Virginia
V.  First school
        A.  Private.  Benjamin Symms dies and leaves 200 acres, plus eight
              cows for a free school in Elizabeth County
        B.  Opens in 1636

VI.  A New Trend
        A.  Others follow in 1655, 1667, 1689, 1675
        B.  Economic Stability of Virginia

VII.  Questionable evidence?
        A.  There are laws on the books as early as 1846 calling for apprentice
        B.  Compulsory education as apprentices for at least two children per county
VIII.  Remains at this level
        A. Slow growth until William and Mary's founding in 1691