The Northern Colonies


I.  Different Entry Population
        A.  Educated

II.  Natural Fear Develops
        A.  The death of the first generation

II.  The Roxbury Latin Grammar School
        A.  Two years before Harvard -- 1635
        B.  Five years after Boston is founded, fifteen after Plymouth

III.  First Great Colonial Textbooks
        A.  New England Primer
        B.  Ezekial Cheever's Accidence

IV.  Charlestown's advances
        A.  The first free school

V.  Financing
        A.  Royal donations and decree
        B.  Company donations
        C.  Land grants
                1.  Work/Rent the land
        D.  Direct taxation (1639)

VI.  Dorchester's advances
        A.  The first public school supported by direct public tax

VII.  Laws of the colony
        A.  1642 -- Mandatory apprenticeship for children, if not public education.
                1.  State Inspections for enforcement
        B.  Requires a teacher appointed by the people to teach all that come to him.
        C.  One elementary school for towns of fifty families.
        D.  One grammar school for towns of 100 families.
        E.  Mandatory 5 L. fine to all who oppose the law