The Middle Colonies

I.  1682 -- 6000 Swedes living in Pennsylvania when Penn arrives.
        A.  One school running in Upland

II.  Penn's first Frame of Government
        A.  Creates provisions for schools, which popular assembly supports
III.  Law of 1683
        A.  Anyone having charge of children must make sure they can read
              and write by age twelve
        B.  All children should be taught a useful trade
        C.  Five pound fine for every child that does not meet these standards

IV.  1689 Friends Public School Started
        A.  For both sexes, and all classes
        B.  Run by Quakers; not a normal school
        C.  Free if it could not be afforded

V.  School development slows after charter of 1701 contains no educational

VI.  Many schools are ethnically and religiously based after 1700.
        A.  Due to Pennsylvania's racial background.
        B.  They are cross cultural -- the Moravian schools in Bethlehem and
              Nazareth are two of the best in the nation.  Students from all over        come to study
VII.  The Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania
        A.  A local law grants 960 acres of land for all settlements to build             a school
        B.  The land is worked, and tuition paid to fund school
        C.  System spreads until a state system is formed in 1834