Map of Educational Institutions in Colonial America
before 1700

This is a map of Britain's North American Colonies, with all Educational Institutions built before 1700 as black dots.


I.  Virginia is founded in 1607.
II.  Massachusetts is founded in 1620.
III.  New York is captured from the Dutch in 1660.
IV.  The Carolinas are established in 1663.
V.  Pennsylvania is established in 1732.
VI.  Georgia is populated by 1732.

This map shows that the two earliest colonies in America, Virginia and Massachusetts, had the most formal schools.  This seems to be common sense, since these two colonies were founded first, however, each colony founded their schools in different ways.

Footnote:  Even those states that were devoid of schools had educational systems.  Among the most important of these systems were the apprenticeship system and the Dame Schools.