Higher Education in the Colonial Era?
"Up to the close of the civil war it (the American college) was mainly an institution of secondary education with some anticipations of university studies toward the end of the course."
-Dean Andrew West, of the Princeton Graduate College- 1900

Governor John Winthrop
American Antiquarian Society
"The Fountaines of Learning and Religion are soe corrupted as most children (even the best witts and of faierest hopes) are perverted, corrupted, and utterlie overthrown by the multitude of evill examples and the licentious government of those seminaries, where men straine at knatts, and swallow camells, use all severity for mainetaynance of capper, and other accomplymentes, but suffer all ruffian-like fashions, and disorder in manners to passe uncontrolled."
-John Winthrop

Founding of Dartmouth College
"After erecting shelter, a house of worship, and the framework of government, one of the next things we longed for, and looked after, was to advance Learning and perpetuate it to Posterity..."
New England's First Fruits-1643

Memorial Hall, Harvard College
"If the fathers of New England had not had the wisdom to found Harvard, the ruling class would have been subjected to mechanics, cobblers, and tailors; the gentry would have been overwhelmed by lewd fellows of the baser sort, the sewage of Rome, the dregs of an illiterate plebs which judgeth much from emotion, little from truth."
-A Harvard Commencement speaker (17th Century)

Influential Early American Men on America's First Colleges
Statue of John Harvard-(1607-1638)
Harvard College's Namesake
 Samuel Johnson
President of King's College
(Columbia University, 1912)

Views of Colonial American Colleges
"Our country is to be a land of colleges."
-Absalom Peters
Harvard College
Brown University, 1828
President's House and University Hall
Brown University 1804
A Front View of Yale-College, and the College Chapel, in New Haven
printed by Daniel Bowen in New Haven
June 26, 1786
Yale College in 1807
President Dwight stands at the far right watching students play football
Princeton in 1764
King's College 1760
Columbia College
As it was on Church Street, New York City, during the first half of the 19th Century
The College of William and Mary

Life on an Early American College Campus
Harvard College
"The campus was likely to be an unfenced barren plot of ground overrun with livestock."
-Ernest Earnest, Academic Procession
First Harvard Hall
Built 1682
"A long line of brick barracks, the cheapest which could be built."
-Andrew White
The Whipping Post
"Obedience, respect, humility, and submission, all within the bounds of an established hierarchy."
-James Axtell
The Annual Cane Fight between Freshmen and Sophomores
Columbia 1877
Three Harvard freshmen complained to the faculty of "being greatly abus'd by the sophimores, who struck and beat them."
The faculty did not intend to "prohibit the sophimores in an orderly and suitable way and in a suitable place, to acquaint the freshmen with such Innocent and useful customes as they should observe."
-James Axtell

 Colleges Established in the Colonial Era